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AFTC SilverTape HA80-series

This product is a highly conformable, heat-activated acrylic foam tape combining two different adhesive systems. One side consists of a heat-activated adhesive that is inactive at ambient temperatures and the other side consists of a pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive. This heat-activated tape offers good adhesion on a wide variety of automotive applications and especially on LSE substrates without the need for a primer or other surface modifications. Here you will typically find the same adhesive system as the ones used in our Automotive SilverTape AM1000HC-range. The tape’s viscoelastic properties reduce tension along the adhesive seam and allow for very durable bonding.

  • Core: High Conformable soft foam acrylic
  • Coating: Acrylic coating 95
  • Color:
  • Available thicknesses: 0,8 - 1,2