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AFTC SilverTape AM99-series

This product is a double-sided highly conformable acrylic-based adhesive tape, specially designed for materials with high, medium and low surface energy such as powder coatings and coated glass. With a highly conformable bubble foam core with LSE features, this tape is capable of absorbing the different thermal expansions of two materials, with a very high initial tack making it suitable for use on almost all substrates. Coating 66 has been specifically developed to improve bonding to low surface energy substrates. This modified multipurpose adhesive tape is ideal for applications where the use of a primer or adhesion promoter is not preferred. These features make this tape perfect for a wide variety of applications in the automotive industry.

  • Core: Conformable soft foam acrylic
  • Coating: Acrylic coating 66
  • Color:
  • Available thicknesses: 0,8 - 1,1 - 1,5