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Our AFTC SealingTape

AFTC’s SealingTape is a single sided high performance acrylic based adhesive tape. This conformable tape is especially designed for difficult sealing applications. The ionomer backing on this sealing tape is very tough, flexible, abrasion resistant and paintable. What makes it easy to use this tape in all different kind of products. This single-sided tape is neutral transparent and especially designed to seal an existing joint or seam. The adhesive has been designed so that overlapping tape joints can be made while maintaining a strong seal. In combination with a primer this SilverTape family guarantees excellent adhesion performance even on low surface energy substrates.

Available in different colours:
- Translucent (AFTC SealingTape 2510)
- Grey (AFTC SealingTape 2541)
- Black (AFTC SealingTape 2547)

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